Fine. It isâ a first step. I also skittered through the exercises workout my personal trainer gave me – squats, lunges, active stretching, bicep curls. â one or two sets, with little or no resistance. generic viagra online buying viagra in usa generic viagra canada no prescription cheap generic viagra cheap generic viagra where to buy generic viagra cheap viagra online buy cheap viagra buy generic viagra cheap viagra online Nothing too difficult, but let’sâ face it i am out of shape,â so this is all a step in the right direction. To be moving at all is a good thing. And, over the last few days, i spent an hour or two outside every day walking, while admiring niagara falls, no less. â  my two daughters, my sister and i traveled to niagara for three days of the national cheerleading championships and between events, my sister and i would walk and walk and walk (with the occasional beer and nacho stop). That’s a start. Now, the question is, can i build a regular workout time into my daily routine? Routine? What routine? Apart from driving my kidsâ to and from their scheduledâ activities, my days never have the same shape. I morph from lawyer to mom to writer to household engineer according to the demands at hand, and as i pointed out in my last post, taking care of myself doesn`t typically top the to do list. Maybe it should. Regular workouts atâ nine a. M. , i promised in my lastâ post. Sigh. I make a lot of promises that i don`t keep. â  that`s prime working time, my inner lawyer says. Also, the best time to grocery shop, says the household manager. And half the time the kids forget something or you husband is home needing attention, reminds the permanently on call spouse and mother. What about me, cries my inner athlete, you expect me to run five kilometers up and down hills in ten weeks without any training? You expect me to carry you through this long list of chores without any basic maintenance? â  yeah. Nine a. M. Tomorrow morning it is. After that,â i can tweek the schedule, but i have to start somewhere, no? Posted in life in general | leave a reply getting out of the cage posted on may 9, 2012 by warriorgirl reply i need to escape the cage that is my house, free my body from the trap that is my mind. It’s funny. I often look at our pets, two-housebond cats, miley and mazey, and lament that they are confined inside the house all day, all year long, every day of their lives. They are animals, after all, they should be outside in the fresh air, chasing moles and feeling the grass under their paws. Generally speaking, though, we keep them inside, safe from the perils of the great outdoors: coyotes, cars, human beings. What i don’t see so easily is how i trap myself indoors all day, week in and week out. I move from the house to the van and back inside again. Stale air. Meaningless chores. â slave to theâ endless list of tasks that my brain lays out before me like dog treats, just one more chore, just o.

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